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Greenlee Battery Powered Crimper Tools

With the new 6-ton Greenlee Gator EK425LX tools, Greenlee has taken the best in class EK425 and packed it with additional exclusive features to make the crimping task faster and easier while providing assurance that each crimp is complete. The EK425LX is operated with one hand, leaving the other hand free to position the cable and connector. The crimping jaws open wide to fit easily over connectors. To help prepare for a crimp, the jaws can be jogged closed until they just grip the connector, allowing the operator to position the cable in the connector before finishing the crimp.

The EK425LX will complete about 325 crimps per battery charge on 4/0 AWG splices. When a crimp is fully completed, the EK425L signals the operator by automatically opening the jaws. It is then ready to make the next crimp. And, when the crimping jaws need to be opened before a crimp is complete, the operator can simply push a button on the back side of the tool.

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Greenlee EK425 Battery Greenlee EK425 NiCad Battery

Greenlee replacement ni-cad battery for first generation EK425 crimping tools

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Our Price: $180.30
Crimping Tool EK425LXDBG12 Greenlee EK425LXDBG12 Crimping Tool

Greenlee EK425LXDBG12 with CJD3BG crimping jaws 12v charger

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Our Price: $2,237.75
Greenlee Crimping Tool EK425LXDBG11 Greenlee EK425LXDBG11 Crimping Tool

Greenlee EK425LXDBG11 with CJD3BG crimping jaws 120v charger

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Our Price: $2,238.25
Greenlee Crimping Tool EK425LXDO11 Greenlee EK425LXDO11 Crimping Tool

Greenlee EK425LXDO11 with CJD3O crimping jaws 120v charger

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Our Price: $2,239.05
Greenlee Crimping Tool EK425LXDO12 Greenlee EK425LDO12 Crimping Tool

Greenlee EK425LXDO12 with CJD3O crimping jaws 12v charger

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