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Greenlee Hydraulic Pole Tampers & Pullers

The pole tampers are designed to be used with a digger derrick for back filling around a power pole but can be used for various other projects. These can be hooked up to a Bobcat or other skid steer to compact around fence posts or anything else as long as the hydraulic flow and psi are correct or an adjustable regulator is used.

Hydraulic pole pullers are used to pull existing poles out of the ground for replacement. These pole pullers should always be used to pull the poles out as the digger derrick booms are not meant to be used for this. Damage will and often does happen when trying to use a digger derrick to pull the poles out of the ground.

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Priority Valve GHBGR506 Priority Valve Used to Reduce the PSI to Hydraulic Tools

This priority valve is designed specifically for Greenlee products to lower the pressure for most Greenlee hydraulic tools.

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Sale Price: $340.00

Complete Priority Valve Set Complete Priority Valve Set

This priority valve set is commonly used on skid steers, mini excavators, and tractors to hook up to their high PSI hydraulic circuit and reduce the pressure so they can operate hydraulic tools like a pole tamper, chainsaw, and post driver that operate on 1,000 to 2,000 PSI.

1- Priority Valve
2-20' hoses
1- hose (Return) is a 3/8" line with a 3/4" fitting
1- 20' hose (pressure) is 3/8" line with a 9/16" fitting
2-3' hoses

This is everything you will need and is ready to be hooked up to your tractor.(ON/OFF VALVE NOT INCLUDED BUT IS INCLUDED WITH THE H4802 TAMPER)

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Greenlee Fairmont Hydraulic Pole Tamper H4802 Greenlee Hydraulic Pole Tamper w/ Remote Valve

Greenlee Fairmont hydraulic pole tamper H4802 with control valve on hoses

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Greenlee Fairmont Hydraulic Pole Tamper H4802-3 Greenlee Hydraulic Pole Tamper with a Trigger

Greenlee Fairmont hydraulic pole tamper H4802-3 with built in control valve

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Our Price: $2,443.15