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Greenlee Hydraulic Chainsaws & Pruners

These can be used from inside the bucket or from the ground. No need to worry about refilling the chain saw with gas or bar and chain oil just plug this into the bucket trucks aux hydraulic circuit and start cutting.

The long reach hydraulic saws and pruners are great to give you the extra reach for hard to access areas of the tree. Since they have a fiberglass pole between you and the end of the tool they help keep you from getting shocked if they come in contact with energized electric lines.

These are also very quiet compared to gas powered saws so you will still be able to hear yourself think at the end of the day. In addition to being quiet they are also very light since the do not have the extra weight of the gas motor.

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Priority Valve GHBGR506 Priority Valve Used to Reduce the PSI to Hydraulic Tools

This priority valve is designed specifically for Greenlee products to lower the pressure for most Greenlee hydraulic tools.

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Greenlee Hydraulic Chainsaw HPS513 Greenlee 13" Hydraulic Pistol Grip Chainsaw

Greenlee Fairmont pistol grip chainsaw 13" capacity HPS513

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Retail Price: $1,704.55
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Emerson-Greenlee Long Reach Chain Saw 43178 Emerson-Greenlee Hydraulic 62.5" Chainsaw

Emerson-Greenlee Fairmont long reach chainsaw 13" capacity 43178

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Our Price: $1,690.35

Emerson-Greenlee Hydraulic Long Reach Chain Saw 38568 Emerson-Greenlee Hydraulic 75" Chainsaw

Emerson-Greenlee Fairmont long reach chainsaw 13" capacity 38568

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Our Price: $1,716.25

Emerson-Greenlee Long Reach Chain Saw 43177 Emerson-Greenlee Hydraulic 88.5" Chainsaw

Emerson-Greenlee Fairmont long reach chainsaw 13" capacity 43177

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Our Price: $1,777.95

Greenlee Fairmont hydraulic chain saws, long reach chain saws, and pruners. These can be called many things like stick saws, pole saws, long reach saws, pruners and the list goes on. But what they are is a hydraulic chainsaw to trim trees from a bucket truck.